Hey there!  And welcome to my blog ❤

My name is Joi Worwood, I’m a proud mama of 1, and happy wife of 3 years, living in Houston Texas.  I worked as a Massage Therapist for 8 years, primarily in Hollywood (some fun adventures there!) but now work as a full time mom and LOVE it!  I try to steer clear of society’s definition of what happiness and beauty should be, and try to uplift others.

———>>Here’s what you can expect to see on my blog on a weekly basis


Every Monday I will post a new recipe.  Usually healthy and delicious, but I’m human, so obviously there is the occasional indulgent treat 😉


Tuesdays are one of my favorites, and will alternate between “Tuesday Tutorial” & “Tuesday Talk”

————>Tuesday Tutorial:  A video of a hair or makeup tutorial, with the occasional “favorites” video.

————>Tuesday Talk: Will consist of something interesting & informative, how eating helps weight loss, benefits of yoga, how stress effects your skin, how to be happy despite circumstances….that sort of thing.


I love to exercise, but I enjoy mixing it up.  On Wednesday I share my current favorite work out moves, equipment, clothes + tips and tricks on how to stay fit and be a busy mama as well 😀


Snapshots from family outings, trips, or activity ideas, fun places to visit, things to do etc.


Outfit favorites etc.


This is my “Lifestyle” day.  It can include a DIY project, some family time stuff, with the occasional VLOG thrown in there.  Of course my family is #1, so sometimes I don’t get around to posting, or I’ll catch up on filming tutorials, other posts, or vlogging.

SUNDAY is my day of rest haha.

Hope you come back to visit and become part of the “Finding joy in life” family.

❤ ❤ ❤













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