Tuesday Tutorial: The BEAUTY BLENDER


download (4)2015-09-28 13.46.04

Lipstick: Maybelline ‘Blushing Burgundy’ fyi it’s AMAAAZING! || Mascara: Maybelline ‘Lash Sensational’

*Thank you Maybelline*

Disclaimer Alright I realize that the selfie with the car seat and baby in the background is kinda lame, but I had no other option!  I needed a photo to display the flawless finish of the Beauty Blender sponge, and there was NO WAY I was settling for those random clip stills that Youtube comes up with (if you’ve ever uploaded a Youtube video then you know EXACTLY what I mean!)

—>Some of my friends and followers have been asking me how to properly use the Beauty Blender.  To some of you, the answer may be perfectly obvious.  So don’t judge, and if this post is “above you” lol you don’t have to continue reading, I won’t be offended 🙂  But hey! You may even learn something you didn’t know before….I’ve learned over and over again that the smartest and most intelligent people are those who never say “I know enough”

So hope you enjoy!


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