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Dress: Nordstrom (similar) || Hat: Nordstrom

***Photos by Lauren Wrigley Photography

So I know I’m kinda skipping out on my regular “Monday Munchies” post, but I just have so much great material that I couldn’t wait to share some of these photos from my shoot with Lauren and Nordstrom!

Here was my first shoot in Southern Utah during our trip there last week.  It was my first time working with Lauren, and OMG can I just say I absolutely LOVE her!  She doesn’t make you feel awkward at all (that’s the worst when you’re uncomfortable in your own skin, and then the photographer is like, “ok go!”)  I just love her style, I love her efficiency, and she is the cutest girl ever, and super talented.  Not only does she take any kind of photo you could need, from family shoots, to weddings, senior portraits, team photos etc, BUT she also looooves Vogue inspired pictures with “edge”  That’s when I knew we were a match made in heaven.  Because there is nothing more uncomfortable and disorienting when you’re working with a photographer, and you want to branch out and play with some different (high fashion) angles, and your photographer is like “what are you doing?” aka “what are you doing weirdo!?”  lol, but that wasn’t the case with Lauren, we had sooo much fun.  So if you’re in Southern Utah, or close to it, you seriously NEED to get her.  And snag her fast, because she gets pretty busy with clients.

K, so this dress!  When I first saw it, I though it would be really parchute like, and restricting in the sleeves (like dresses of this fabric tend to be on me). But honestly, it’s so comfortable, and the colors are so vibrant.  It can be worn as a summer/spring dress OR a fall dress.  Just pair it with a good fall hat and voila!  Gray and black hats have been a favorite on repeat for me this year.

Thanks for reading everything!  Happy MONDAY!

***Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post

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