***Here are some un-glamorized, RAW & REAL shots from the trip.  I tried to document as much as possible.  ENJOY!

2015-09-17 13.48.17



2015-09-19 15.40.09

My Daddy-O the painter in his new in home studio

2015-09-19 11.50.572015-09-24_16.23.152015-09-18 15.37.45 2015-09-19 16.10.29-22015-09-17 10.30.232015-09-21 11.39.352015-09-21 14.10.382015-09-18 09.26.53


I’m baaaaack!!! And could NOT be happier to be back in good ol’ TEXAS.  I mean the trip did go waaaay too fast.  I could have stayed longer, but poor Kylie was just at her wits end and needed desperately to get back to her old routine.  And we BOTH missed Daniel so bad.  But all in all the trip was amazing!  Not just because I got to catch up with my family AND my bestie since 8th grade, Stacy.  But Daniel was able to be with us for the first few days, and his mission companion (What’s a ‘MISSION‘ ???) from Australia & his wife were in UTAH and we spent 2 days with them.  I loved them to death!  Daniel talks about “Elder Torrens” aka Josh so many times, that it was awesome to finally meet him.  And he didn’t disappoint lol.  And his wife Danielle was just a doll.

We went to Zion National Park, Kylie got to see her cousins, played at the Splash Pad, tried new restaurants, sang all the Wicked songs over and over w/my sisters, shopped at fruit stands, watched Cinderella on repeat, and ate way too many sugar cookies 😀  ALSO the Rodeo was going on (and my parents literally live across the street form the stadium where it’s held)

—>MODELING STUFF…..??? So like I mentioned before, I had a few collaborations set up during my time in St George (I won’t mention them now, because I’ll be doing individual posts in the next few weeks to come)  But HOLY COW!  I’m not 100% sure anymore if I could be a full time model LOL.  Because every girl dreams of being a model right?  Well although I absolutely had fun with all the collaborations, I hardly got to see my baby, AND it was a fight to make sure I got the quality family time in that I wanted. And I gave my aunt a few massages (I AM a licensed massage therapist fyi…nothing weird lol) which was a plus.  My days were seriously as follows.

7:30-9-photo shoot to catch morning light

9:30-11:30-Massage work

12-Go pick up outfits from sponsors/meet new sponsors

2:30 See my baby, give her a nap, catch up w/family & friends (guess I should say friend, I only had time to see Stacy haha)

5:30-7:30 more pictures

Maybe it doesn’t seem like a ton, but when you’re aiming for a “relaxing” visit with family, it kinda is a go go go schedule.

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