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——>>>Sooooo, I LOVE boxing.  Not like I could kick any one’s trash or anything…but when I’m decked out I sure feel like I can.  I’ve been doing Tae Bo/boxing for years now and next to yoga it is hands down my favorite kind of work out.  I’ve told Daniel ever since the beginning of our marriage that I wanted a punching bag.  Even think I’ve sounded like a broken record on steroids.  But the situation was just never right.  First house we lived in, didn’t have anywhere to put it.  Second house same thing…but at least by that point our gym had one 🙂  house after that, wouldn’t let us install one, after that, couldn’t afford one.  NOW, I’ve been so blessed these past few weeks.  My friend Angelica had one in her garage, so I would go over there and use it whenever I wanted.  Then after a few weeks of that, my other sweet and amazing friend was moving, and she randomly had this bag (a professional $1200 bag).  She was like, “just take it.  Please!”  I was speechless! Honestly I didn’t feel right taking it from her, I even tried selling it on Craigslist for her, but she insisted that I have it.  Oh my goodness I almost cried, and I had sweet dreams that night bouncing off the walls ready to use it.

Well I’m off to do my nightly boxing routine!  FYI I will be making a video of what my boxing routine is.  Will probably be up This Tuesday or the next.

Well bye for now!


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

3 thoughts on “BOXING

  1. That’s amazing, can’t believe she let you take it like that. What a great friend! I love boxing too but I haven’t been able to get into it. Can’t wait to see your boxing routine 🙂


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