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2015-09-06 14.41.38

——>>>I’m in LOOOVE with this skirt!  Two thumbs up for “hand me downs” right?  I feel like a little french girl….no idea why, but often associate black and white stripes with France lol.  I was going to save this skirt for a photo shoot with Kristi Joslin Photography (YES!  I’m going to visit family in St. George Utah in a week, and I have a few photo shoots & collaborations scheduled.  It’ will be nice to have some pics taken with a professional camera & by a professional rather than my phone for a change 😀 )But I just couldn’t resist taking a few pics of this skirt TODAY!  Daniel just laughs at me and says “you and your pictures:)”  Call me vain if you want (actually some acquaintances on my husbands side have lol) but I honestly believe that pictures are one fun way to express who you ARE.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words right?  Well then DUH!  It’s not vanity, and expression.  Besides, vanity a trait, not a picture…..Anyway, what are some ways you like to express yourself?

Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

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3 thoughts on “ARTSY FARTSY

  1. Great looking skirt. It grabs my attention. Probably due to it’s photogenic properties, along with your entire look. I like the setting and the natural light. So artsy fartsy 🙂 and very classy!

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