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It has been a looooong week!  First off, Kylie started getting sick Sunday, we had to leave church early.  Then in the middle of that night she was burning up!  One of her molars is coming in, and she was in so much pain.  Her eyes were puffy and watery, she had a fever….ugh!  That lasted until Wednesday (But her fever only lasted a day and a half 😀 ).  Then I played catch up with the house work, and getting back in the swing of cooking meals etc.  I went through this dry spell of NEVER being in the mood to cook, EVER!  I felt so bad, I told Daniel I felt like a was failing him as a wife. Ha ha ha.  He told me to “Shhhh” in such a loving way and added “maybe that’s because you’ve cooked for me like every day of our marriage!  Don’t worry about it.  Take a break”  I just LOVE him ❤ ❤ ❤

Today was pretty fun though.  It was the first day Kylie was fully back to herself.  Needless to say after being in the house nearly every hour of the day, we were going a little stir crazy and needed to get out.  But of course it started STORMING!  So rather than go to a garden, we went to Babies R’ Us, and I let her run wild haha, she loved it.  Then we went and had lunch with Daniel.  She was pooped by the end of everything and passed out in the car 3 minutes into the drive home.

Thanks for letting me rant about my week, and jabber about my little family.  Hope you all have a great Labor Day!  We are kinda in need of some ideas.  What are your plans and do you have any ideas for us? Ha!


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