In reality, you can wear whatever jeans you want.  If they feel good, and make you happy.  WEAR THEM!  But we’ve all asked ourselves “Hm, what will look the most flattering?”

It’s all about symmetry.  We all come in different shapes and sizes ( which makes us all the more beautiful and unique!) You certainly don’t have to look exactly like the girl on the magazine from lips to hips, in order to look and feel lovely.  For example.  With the way areas of my body are proportioned, I DO NOT like to wear mid rise jeans.  They just squeeze in all the wrong areas.  Does that mean I need to change my body? No, absolutely not.  I just need to adjust the cut of denim in order to achieve the look I’m going for. Symetry also applies to the fit of the leg, like skinny, boot, boyfriend, straight…it gets kinda overwhelming right?

I’ve shared some tid bits of information that I hope will assist ya’ll in finding the best denim fit.  And saving time in blindly trying on every single pair in site, hoping that one will fit the way you want.


If you have a tummy

download (3)

Try a mid rise bootcut.  “The waistband should come to just below the belly button, that way it will cover your stomach and hold in the problem area” (Carly Lundy, National Jean Company)   and the straight leg aka bootcut it flattering to the eye.  Here is where symmetry comes into play.  Form fitting jeans make the legs appear smaller.  Well if your legs look smaller than usual, but everything else stays the same…..







img-thing (1)The curvier you are, the more you need the back to be higher than the front, to avoid “plumber butt”  A slim boot cut is great because it will elongate your legs.  But you can also wear skinny jeans if you like a tighter fit.  Just remember to keep symmetry in mind.  If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you DON’T want the lower half of your body to look narrower still.  This will only cause you to look broad shouldered.








jeans-hips-old-navyAgain look for a waist that is higher in the back than in the front.  You wan them to be mid rise (just below the belly button) or resting on the hip bone, so that it won’t cut into your body at the widest spot.  Also go for a more rigid material (not stretchy) in order to hold the hips and thighs in 😀










shoppingPretty much this figure can get away with anything 🙂  But try to make sure that the waistband goes straight across.  Also if you want to add a little more curvature/definition, opt for a slightly flared out jean, or boot cut.










_8565108If you have a tiny bit of tummy pooch you’d like to hide away, then a high rise is your best friend.  However, if you are fairly flat bellied, and have a booty, or hips, high rise can sometimes fit well on the hips, but be super loose around the belly.  If this is the case, try a mid rise 🙂









Hope this was helpful!

Happy shopping!


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