WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Amazon Fitness Favorites

As you may already know, I’m getting back into YOGA & BOXING!  I love them both so much, and I can’t believe I let myself go so long with out doing yoga (seriously anyway) and now it’s become a huge deal, so all of these people are getting into hard core yoga and I’m being left in the dust 😦  Amazon is pretty much my go-to place for exercise equipment, I mean what I find at the store I can get the exact same thing on Amazon for less!  Marshall’s  I love for workout clothes, and shoes are probably the one thing that I splurge on.  But then again that was back in the day when I would run all the time.  I’m not really into just plain running anymore, I don’t know why…actually yes I do.  It’s because when I ran every day I was living on the coast at the time and I would run on the beach in the beautiful sunny California weather.  Who wouldn’t love that???  Now I’m in Texas (which I do love) where it’s humid and muggy.

Anyway, I included some of my favorite Amazon finds that I have loved for ages, and totally recommend 😀  I’ll be making post of my boxing in more detail (gear, gloves, hand wraps etc) prob next week.


41gehJSu78L._AA160_ 41jifhBZ2yL._AA160_ 41ynBIZVJgL._AC_SY220_ 51i-2D9XK7L._AA160_


Thanks for reading

❤ ❤ ❤

Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live

-Jim Rohn

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