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I’ve been using these Melaleuca (Tough and Tender & Solu-Guard) cleaners for over a year now.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them, because #1 they are all natural, so I don’t have to worry about Kylie if she gets any in her mouth…because everything goes in her mouth!  Also, I’m a little anal about my fruit & veggies.  I HATE the thought of pestisides and who knows what other chemicals lingering on my food.  But this Tough & Tender can also be used to clean food + it’s a regular cleaning agent!!!  I even use it to get stains out of the couch & carpet, which is a life saver, because stains are inevitable w/a baby on the loose.  The Solu-Guard is great for disinfecting, I like to use that especially after cooking raw meats, namely chicken.  Salmonella anyone? NO THANK YOU! They have tons and tons of other cleaning, food, beauty products.  But these cleaners are my main favorties that I use allll the time.  OH and their detergent is amaaazing!  It seriously gets out any kind of stain.

Why go all natural you ask?  Moreso than anything, it gives me peace of mind.  For a mom, there is nothing more terrifying than the thought of your baby getting into some sort of chemicals and getting sick or worse.  But w/these (although she may get a stomach ache, she won’t die).  An acquaintance had a 2 year old that ate some dishwasher detergent, that toddler is now handicapped because of the brain damage that was caused.  It’s so heart breaking!  You just never know what those little ones might get into, and then it’s too late.  The only generic cleaner I have is this Pledge, because I like the way it smells (the Melaleuca ones don’t smell bad—I just love the smell of this one haha).

Happiness will come by imagining if all you owned was what you thanked the Lord for.  You will discover just how blessed you are.

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