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Paris Tee: Forever 21 || Pants: Joe’s

Today was one of those days (which we ALL have…don’t deny it) where doing my makeup just didn’t makes its way on the “To Do” list.   My day was just full of other things to do.  I had the fun opportunity to do my friends hair, Peggy & Jessica.  Peggy’s son is getting married today, and they both asked me to do their hair.  I was so flattered, and so happy help.  After leaving Jessica’s the day was pretty much gone! Whew, life speeds up the older you get.  Soooo yeah, I didn’t do my makeup.  But the great thing is, I don’t even care 😀  I have a husband who knows that I’m going to have “All Natural” days (in fact he loves that about me).

Funny story, my brother and sis were over the other day to swim, and Ruby was all timid (not really timid, if you know Ruby) that her arm pits were hair….actually, they weren’t even hairy, I swear mine look that way immediately after I shave lol.  And in fact, mine at that moment were hairier (sorry if that’s TMI)  Somehow we got to a point of Jake saying something along the lines of “ew, when I’m married, my wife will shave every day”  Me and Daniel just laughed.  We told him how that is veeeeerrrry unlikely.  Sure, I’m all for women still trying to look pretty for their husbands and vice versa, but to be grossed out…it just doesn’t happen once you’re married.  And Jake said, “yeah she won’t get hairy there, I’ll tell her she needs to shave every day”.  BAH HA HA HA.  Yeah, say that if you have a death wish.  I can’t wait for him to get married and see how wrong he is.  Ps, don’t get the wrong idea, my brother is not a controlling freak, he’s super sweet and kind.  But man, I just hope he gets that FALSE image of perfection out of his mind soon….Hopefully he’ll meet a sassy girl that will keep him in his place lol.

——> So just remember ladies (and guys if you’re reading), that it’s not bad to have days where you just don’t get ready, and it’s actually a wonderfully beautiful thing to be married, and every day you can wake up confident and knowing that your husband loves you for you no matter what 😀

Thanks for reading xo

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