2015-08-19 14.55.38

Clairol Grey Busters ‘2n‘ || Redken Shades Eq Color Gels ‘9na’

Dying extensions can sometimes be a little tricky.  So I put together this quick video showing how to do it.  Typically if you are taking hair from blonde to dark/black, you will need to first apply a red dye, in order to replace lost pigment.  Those reds and orange brassy shades that are a blonde’s nightmare are a brunette’s best friend.  This is especially true for platinum blondes.  DO NOT just jump right in with a dark hair dye and expect it to come out looking brunette.  It will most likely turn green if red pigment is not added first to the hair.  HOWEVER, I used a shade by Clairol Soy, Grey Busters line.  It’s intended for those with light—->white hair, who are wanting to go darker.  It has already added pigment in the dye.  The blonde did not turn green, I am happy to say.

download (1) download (2)

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