2015-08-15 10.00.06_PerfectlyClearME2015-08-15 10.00.21-1

 Tee: Target :: Skirt: GAP :: Booties: Express :: Hat: Amazon (husband’s) :: Lipstick: MAC ‘Honey Love’

STEP 1: Make sure the shirt fits your personal style.  This shirt use to be 3/4 sleeves.  But I dunno, I just don’t typically like shirts like that.  So I cut them off 😀

STEP 2: Contrast.  What’s the opposite of tennis shoes?  HEELS!  What’s the opposite of sporty?  DRESSY!  And nothing says “dressy”better than a skirt 😀

Who says you have to be going to a sports event, to the gym, or lounging in your pajamas in order to wear a Pro Team shirt, or baseball cap?  Lately I’ve been having fun experimenting with different things that normally you wouldn’t see together, ha ha.  Like an Astros tee for running errands.  I just pair it with a skirt and some booties.  VOILA!  Suddenly it’s not just an ol’ jock shirt anymore right?

Anyway, if you pair a mini and heeled shoes of any kind with an outfit, it isn’t really pajamas anymore 😀

Hope you’re having a great day!


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