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So I’m sure most of you know that aloe is the go-to natural remedy for burns.  I’m honestly appalled sometimes at all the artificial, factory made burn remedies out there, that often say “With Aloe” on the label.  They sell the fact that they are trying to be as close to aloe as possible.  Well HELLLLOOOO!  If trying to be is such a good thing, why not use pure 100% aloe instead?  A DUH!  You gotta laugh though. I’ll shamefully admit that the other day when my baby got a little too much sun, my first thought was “I gotta go get some aloe gel from the store”  Then I was like, no, no, no.  Why not use actual Aloe Vera???  My sweet friend gave me my own plant.  I’m slowly but surely building up my little patio garden 😀

Growing Lashes-Did you also know that aloe has been proven to boost eyelash growth.  Simply mix pure aloe gel, coconut oil & castor oil together (in an old mascara tube is best) and apply morning and night.

Fire & Stove burns-So I actually have a different preferred remedy when it comes to stove or fire burns.  Mustard (yellow mustard)  That’s right.  Maybe you’ve heard of using butter (yeah that has never done squat for me!)   Mustard is the thing I swear by! Just apply some to the effected area as much as needed…it soothes the pain almost immediately and the burn heals almost completely after a couple hours (by the next day for more severe cases).  It seems so simple and you would never think that it would do anything.  A relative of mine just ignored me when I suggested it to them…well their loss I guess, because that burn stuck around for a good couple of days.

We went camping with some friend when I was 8.  And my friend’s father stepped on the hot, hot coals from the fire pit!  He had blisters on his foot so huge, they looked like boils.  But he refused to go to the hospital, he said all he needed was mustard.  We were so confused.  But he calmly took the mustard from the ice chest.  Drenched his foot with it, wrapped it in a towel and stayed off of it as much as possible, (he could hardly walk anyway with the condition it was in).  By the next morning the blisters were GONE!  His foot was still tender and red, but he could walk better.  He kept applying mustard and by day 2 there was almost no sign of a burn at all.  Since that camping trip, I have never used anything else.  I use to burn myself a lot as a kid, (being barely 4 ft tall and trying to cook all by myself 😉 playing with candles & matches etc, you end up getting burned a lot) and mustard was my saving grace.


Mustard contains the compound allyl isothiocyanate, which acts as a powerful counter-irritant. Counter-irritants are substances that can relieve pain by ­producing a lesser pain. They may also act as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the underlying tissue.

You can find so many articles and testimonials online.  But the best way to believe it works is to experience it first hand.  Now don’t go and intentionally burn yourself, that would be stupid, but next time it happens, reach for some yellow mustard first!

Thanks for reading my blog everyone!  I’d love to hear some of your interesting, quirky, odd or awesome natural remedies, or other uses with everyday things.  Have a wonderful day!


Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere!

Albert Einstein

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