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White Dress: Zara || Lipstick: MAC ‘Coral Bliss’

Grey Top: Hollister || Shorts: Target

This year our anniversary was spent with a third little member & a high chair 🙂  But it was still fun 😀  I can’t believe that 3 years have already gone by with this amazing man I married.  We went to lunch (which we haven’t done in agessss!)  It felt so weird, and exciting lol.  To think there was a time when we use to eat out at least once every single day!  Ugh, it kinda makes me sick to think about-I mean I have nothing against eating out, it IS fun and yummy-we would end up eating less healthy for MORE money!  Later in the evening, we went swimming.  OHHH my goodness the water was absolute heaven!  It was cooler (because of the breeze) out of the water than it was IN the water!



2015-02-10 17.03.41

He is incredibly patient

He makes me laugh (that’s a big deal to me)

He is genuinely kind

He makes me feel like the sexiest person on earth

His first priority is make me happy

He plays guitar and serenades me all the time

He is a wonderful father

He is selfless

*I can obviously go on for pages and pages (I do actually have a “Why I love Daniel today” journal), but I won’t bore you.  It’s funny how when we’re younger we think the most trival (often vain) qualities are what love is, or what make a relationship work.  In high school for example, I always dreamed of marrying a guy who was good at every sport, popular, great dresser, washboard abs, ya know, the usual little girl fantasies.  Thank goodness I matured and realized what priorities should be at the top.  I mean, who cares if they’re good at every sport?  Unless they go pro, that does nothing for your marriage really.  It’s important to stop and think if a make or break quality is really going to strengthen your marriage or relationship.

Thanks for reading y’all!


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