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Dress: American Eagle + DIY || Bracelts: Paprazzy, Venice Beach, Diy || Necklace: Kohles || Lipstick: MAC ‘Coral Bliss’

One of my most favorite things is walking barefoot in nature.  I love that where we live, there are so many trees, and lots of grass.  This morning while Kylie was napping, I went for a walk.  There is nothing more freeing, and relaxing than walking in the morning light, warm grass beneith your bare toes, summer breeze running through your hair and the smell of fresh cut grass in the air.  Ahhh, it just relaxes me like no other!  It’s a secret fantasy of mine to become a woodland creature (like a bohemian elf 😀 ).  I want to live in a hut, close to the beach & the woods, with only a few dresses & skirts that I love.  A kiln, a fruit dehydrator, an herb garden, vegetable garden, and lots of fruit trees, some chicken & a goat.  I’ll live off the land.  Actually, that is almost EXACTLY how I grew up.  Minus the beach in my back yard.  But we did have 2 acres of trees behind our house.  And we had a goat, but didn’t milk him (because he was a boy aha ha).  But I we bought all of our milk from a woman down the street.  Everything else mentioned reallly was a part of my childhood.  And it was wonderful and happy.

THIS dress I’m wearing, I’ve actually owned for ages…you know when you have those items that you can never part with lol.  Well I the straps broke off, so I only ever wore it over swim suits.  But the other day I was like NO, NO, NO, I should be able to wear this to church and in public in general.  So I grabbed some material I had laying around (which happened to match the gray in the dress perfectly) and although I don’t have a sewing machine, I had a needle and thread.  so I went to work making some sleeves and this was the outcome!  OMG, sewing sleeves onto a dress is so much easier than I thought!  Forget paying $$$ for alterations, DIY is the way to go!

Thanks for reading y’all.  Xoxo



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