Monday Munchies: SUMMER SALAD

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Salads are delicious on so many levels.  There are so many different combinations you can put together.  And they really are super filling, if you do them right.  People often look at salad as a side dish.  Why on earth do we choose the healthy, more nutritious and filling options as the side, or after thought?  No wonder America is obese!  I even wonder why we as a nation seem to not even care?!  Seriously, we use the excuse that there are just no healthy options, or too many fast food temptations.  But that’s kinda pathetic, NO one is forcing you to choose a fried greasy (basically fake) food over foods that aren’t foreign to your body.  Maybe if we stopped eating at all of these fast food places that overrun our country, then they may decrease in numbers….just a thought.

——->Ok sorry about the rant. 🙂  What this post is really about is giving ideas of what to put on your salad to make it a meal.

1. Variety of greens-–Iceburg lettuce is fun, because you get that fun little crunch, but it’s one of the lowest in calories and nutrients….so it’s kinda like the celery of lettuce.  So make sure to add dark greens (these also contain protein, YES protein!).  I like to add  lots of romaine, collard greens & kale.  Sometimes purple cabbage too!

2. Veggies & Fruit—Obviously lettuce by itself is kinda boring.  You can pretty much add any vegetable & even fruit that sounds good to you.  I like carrots, bell peppers (all colors), red onion, green onion, cucumber, cauliflower, tomato, and in some cases oranges, berries or mango.

  1. Herbs add flavor—I’ve recently started adding fresh dill & sometimes basil to my salads.  The dill adds a natural savory kick.

4. Dried fruits & nuts—Craisins, pine nuts, thinly sliced almonds, pecans….the list goes on, and they add more much variety, calories (when you eat only veggies, you need extra calories, because they are not super high in calories, so you get to eat MORE with no negative effects, isn’t it great!)

  1. Meat—So I don’t add meat too often, but they can really set the tone of different varieties of flavor.  Salmon is great in combination with strawberries, craisins, oranges etc.  Chicken or ham make a delicious Asian fusion themed flavor.

Hope this gave you some ideas.  Try having JUST a salad for lunch and dinner today.  You will feel soooo much more energized, happy, good about yourself and satisfied 😀

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Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

-Benjamin Franklin

3 thoughts on “Monday Munchies: SUMMER SALAD

  1. I love salad! Since it’s summer, I’ve been adding fruit to my salad a lot, and I have to admit I’m going to be pretty sad when mangoes and strawberries are out of season again. My favorite right now is a mix of spinach, kale, onion, strawberries, mango, avocado, a little bit of goat cheese, and some balsamic vinaigrette. I need to start mixing it up and get more veggies in there, but fruity salads are my favorite 🙂


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