What’s the #1 way to help your baby sleep like a baby?  SPLASH PADS + SUNSHINE

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I’ve said this before, I will say it again.  Water has the magical ability to exhaust tiny little bodies.  Kylie will sleep beautifully for hours after some time in the water and sun.  The great thing about this day and age is that everyone has now figured out this same bit of knowledge.  Hence, splash pads are not hard to come by 🙂

This summer we’ve been obsessed w/watermelon in our house.  But it can be so darn messy, or super tedious to cut into bite size pieces (forget that!)  Besides, watching a baby chow down a slice of watermelon that is almost as big as she is, is theee cutest thing ever!  So if we’re feeling watermelon, I’ll slice a bunch up, and use it as an excuse to go swimming so that she can live it up and get as messy as she wants, eating as much as she wants 😀

Here are some other fun Summer activites we like to do

  • PARKS (or anywhere with lots of grass, but NO fire ants!)
  • PUPPY HUNTS (Usually we’ll just walk around the block or a park in the evening when everyone is out walking their dogs, and usually people will stop briefly and let Kylie play w/them 🙂 )
  • CORNSTARCH + WATER (Hopefully you played w/this as a kid…if not, I pity you 🙂 )
  • STAIRS-She’s recently learned how to climb stairs, and loves it.  I’ll let her climb up over and over, it’s good exercise, and an easy way to tire her out

Have a great weekend y’all!

❤ xo

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