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Morning is our favorite time to get out of the house and do things. Β Whether that’s going on walks, swimming, going to the park…We always try to do something out doors (preferably w/Dad before he goes to work) but before it gets unbearably HOT! Β So mornings are best πŸ˜€ Β My friend Peggy had this little baby boat at her house when we went swimming the other day. Β It’s from the DOLLAR STORE! Β And Kylie absolutely loved it! Β I’m all for anything that is simple that Kylie just loves.

So today while at the store, I pulled an air head move. Β I took the groceries to the car, unloaded them, then took the cart (with Kylie still in it) to the cart drop off, got Kylie out, and while I was buckling her in, the sweet old man next to me said, “ma’am, you left your purse in the cart” Β BAHHHH. Β Yeah, how many of you have done that before? Β It’s moments like these that make me so, incredibly grateful for honest, helpful people. Β I heard once that people are generallyΒ good Β and even though circumstances or situations may bring out the natural/human side at times, they are still generally good people, that want to help. Β It’s always nice to keep that perspective I find…be CAUTIOUS still, but give people the benefit of the doubt, and don’t make snap judgments πŸ™‚

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