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Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.
-Omar Khayyam

Daniel has been helping me learn to play the ukulele.  I decided I wanted to learn after watching the final season of How I Met Your Mother, when “the mother” is playing La Vien Rose (ps, I love that song) with the ukulele, and Ted says “I’ve heard your mother play that song for you a million times.  But that first time, was always my favorite”  I thought “awwww, I want to have songs that I can play for my kids, and that my husband will associate with me!”  I already know “La Vien Rose” now, and just finished learning “Moon River” (another song that I’ve loved since my childhood, I first heard it played by Louie Armstrong, and fell in love!)  And funny enough, Daniel has NEVER heard it!  I thought everyone knew that song.  But that’s fine with me, because now, he really will only associate that song with me ❤ ❤ ❤

I’ve found recently, that happiness can be found in so many simple things.  For me, it’s things like making play dough w/my baby girl, or taking a few minutes for myself and playing the ukulele in my ‘paradise’ (that’s what I call my patio w/our hammock 😉 ).  A wise friend of mine said to me, “it’s important to love, and make sacrifices for your children, after all, being a mother is the most noble calling, however, that does not mean that you stop developing who ‘Joi’ is.”  Meaning, it’s important to make sure that you are still becoming the best version of yourself as well as a good mother 😀


1. Projects (short term)-I’ve enjoyed making bracelets, playing the uke, and doing yoga

2. Projects (long term)-Eating only unprocessed foods has really been an all consuming uplifting project for me

3. Temple-It’s important to do something that connects you spiritually.  Whether you are religious or not, EVERYONE has a spirit & soul, and like our bodies, it needs to be taken car up and recharged.  So for me the best place to go is the Temple.  

4. Read-When you get really busy, sometimes it feels like your mind is becoming mush, right?  Ha, at least mine does.  So I need to do something that I know is exercising my brain a little bit.  Books are my favorite way to do that. 

Hope these all gave you some ideas & insight.

xo ❤

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