Diets don’t work long term, changes in lifestyle DO

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Rainbow Salad

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Peaches n’ Raw coconut milk yogurt

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Zucchini Curry

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I’ve mentioned my health idol before, Kristina, of FullyRawKristina.  She’s lived a vegan, all natural lifestyle of ONLY eating raw fruits and vegetables for the past 10 years!  I’ve always been intrigued by eating fully raw, but thought, “man, that’s so nearly impossible for me, because I need variety…I can’t live like an animal and eat the exact same things every day for the rest of my life.”  But thanks to Kristina, she’s come up with recipes and different ways of using raw fruits, veggies & herbs to make such delicious food.  From ice cream to pasta!!! Heck yes, I CAN do that.

My feelings on vegan—–>>>I personally believe that animal bi-products (like eggs, and fresh milk) are not bad…I believe that animals were placed on this earth for our benefit.  However, vegetables and fruits are better, and too much meat= no beuno!  And processed foods, ABSOLUTELY, OBVIOUSLY not good….some aren’t terrible like others, but anything that has been put through a man made chemical process is NOT and never will be as good for you as it’s natural form, no matter how you try to justify it.

My take on this whole thing—–>>>Since I can’t very well force 100% fully raw eating on my family, I end up cooking.  So that sends “Fully Raw Lifestyle” out the window.  However, I can force 75% fully raw on them hehehe.  We only eat ONE cooked meal a day, and meat once a week (if that)  and NO processed foods.  This is what I call “Unprocessed Lifestyle” I’ve been doing this for the past week and a half now (w/1 cheat day a week available if we want to use it) , and it’s been fantastic.

MORE AFFORDABLE, SAY WHAT!? Believe it or not, it’s actually fairly affordable eating unprocessed foods only.  Because since we are doing bountiful basket, (it’s a food co-op available in many states) and purchasing primarily veggies and fruits, (meat is expensive y’all) we’re saving money by not purchasing all the things we use to.  Sometimes Daniel needs a sandwich to take to work, but even with that, we DON’T buy bread, I make it! (Processed yes, but not quite as much, and I don’t eat it).

You are what you eat, you feel the way you are, you look the way you feel


Well this may sound weird, but I found myself not feeling happy lately.  Not feeling like myself, easily irritated, and angry at some people and situations in my life.  I’ve always been a person who just likes everyone, is calm in almost any circumstance, and patient with other people.  It took me a long time and years of practice to become that person…but somehow, somewhere along the way over the last year, I lost that.  And I didn’t like it.  Kristina said something in one of her videos that really stuck out.  When she first started eating raw foods only, she said it was because that first night she ate fully raw, she felt self love for the first time in years.  Maybe that sounds a little cum ba ya, but whatever, it hit a nerve.  Obviously impatience, anger & unhappiness are traits that come from lack of love.  I was trying so hard to focus on loving others (which is still very important and key in finding happiness)…but maybe it was time for me to take a step backwards to ground zero, and remember to start loving myself again.

2015-07-25 14.06.05

FRESH, RAW FOODS LOVE YOU BACK                  HOW???


Clearer skin –mine started clearing up almost immediately!  I haven’t needed to wear any makeup on my face in a week

More energy-I’m not jumping up and down or bouncing off the walls or anything…but I don’t feel the need for a nap as much

Healthy hair/longer hair-This I found to be true over the past couple years by eating healthy, it takes time, but I’m certain it will improve even more now

Eyes-When your body is clean, you’re eyes become clearer and brighter.  “Eyes are the windows to the soul” Kristina’s actually turned from dark brown to hazel/blue! Now that doesn’t mean this is how to change your eye color, that’s just what happened with her.  But when your body is super clean, your eyes WILL be super bright!

Weigh control—Your body will jump back into it’s natural rhythm of doing things the way it was designed to do.  Since you’re not putting anything foreign in, your body will jump back into homeostasis and will become it’s most healthy, beautiful self.  For some that may be weight loss, for others, maybe their body needs to gain…either way, you will look healthy, and amazing!

Periods-LADIES your periods won’t be nearly as difficult or painful

Self Esteem-Your body and spirit are linked.  When one feel gross, it effects the other.  So likewise, if you’re taking care of your body, it will improve your self image and self esteem

MORE + GUILT FREE-Since fruits and vegetables are so much lower in calories, and easy for your body to process and digest quickly, you get to eat sooo much more guilt free!   It’s very difficult to overeat on fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.  So go crazy!

Hope you enjoyed this.  And I hope it’s inspired some of you to eat healthier and take better care of yourself 😀

❤ ❤ ❤


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