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Shirt: Nordstrom Rack

You may recall I’d mentioned how I’m eating non processed food ONLY, and ONE cooked meal per day.  Well I would be lost with out my local food co-op BOUNTIFUL BASKET!  They are in so many different states.  They’re a non profit organization, and it supports the local farmers (a few things they out source…like their banana bread which is heavenly!  But even then, it’s not being purchased from a corporate place).  And holy cow, just look at those CARROTS!  They immediately reminded me of Lord of The Rings, when the hobbit falls onto the giant carrot, haha.

A couple of my friends and I have started car polling, and switching off driving every week.  We were sooo excited and giddy waiting in line, and having people take our picture, it was ridiculous I’m sure, but WHO CARES!  Food seriously makes me so happy!.  And you know I eat a lot of peaches…like at least 5/day! And Kylie will down 2 a day.  So this 25 lb box was heaven sent ❤ ❤ ❤

Some people may not like that you don’t get to pick out what specifically comes in each basket.  But if you like to cook, or want motivation to learn how.  This is perfect.  Because it forces you to try new ingredients, and eat for veggies, or juice more.  Since we don’t really eat many potatoes (unless they are sweet potatoes, then try 10 a day), I’m going to make chicken noodle soup…that’s may fav thing with potatoes in it.  He he, I’m really not much of a rustic potato person, period.  Not fries, not potato chips, not baked potatoes (unless they are loaded with bacon and cheese).

Anyway, you should TOTALLY try it.  The website is HERE so you can check to see if there is one near your home.  Ordering takes place between Monday to Tuesday, and then pick ups are Saturday.

Thanks for reading you guys!  As always, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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