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^^I always have to be a fan of the pockets when buying jeans^^


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Jeans: MEK (old) love these

You know how some people love antiques because they have a story?  I always think of Friends and how Phoebe hates pottery barn because she likes all of her things to have a history, haha.  Anyway, I feel that way about clothes.  If I have a piece of clothing that holds a lot of memories for me, or experiences…whatever.  I have the hardest time letting them go.  Now mind you, I’m not an incredibly sentimental person, I really only have a few things that I’ve held onto for ages.  These jeans are one of them.  So here’s the story.

There was a time after I graduated from massage school, moved to California, was working full time, but… completely a lone.  I mean ALONE, no room mates, nothing (my older sister lived with me in the beginning, but then she moved back to Utah to finish school, so that’s when things got lonely) and I had no friends or social life outside of work.  Fortunately I had an aunt that lived a couple hours away, but my work schedule and her work schedule rarely allowed me to visit as often as I probably needed.  Anyway,  I would come home, and the exciting part of my day was deciding what to eat.  I went crazy for food, it was the first time in my life that I actually “ate my feelings” or just ate because I had nothing else to do.  Sounds kinda depressing, I know.  But fortunately, it didn’t last too long.  I decided I still had a heavenly father who loved me, and who genuinely cared about my happiness, and well being.  But I knew that I had to be proactive as well.  So I started getting more invoked with the people from church, and that’s when I got into Tae Bo, boxing, surfing and yoga.  (4 of my most favorite things!).  I was happier, healthier and feeling so alive 🙂  K so about the jeans.  Well, before I knew it, I was 2 sized smaller!!! WHAAAAT!  Yeah, the winter months came, so I got out of my skirts and put jeans on, only to find that they looked really funky and weird, because they were drowning me!  So these MEK jeans were what I bought.  I treated myself a bit, and they were my most worn thing for the next two years!  Ha.  For me they hold a sense of accomplishment, because I dropped to a healthier weight, because of a healthier lifestyle. And they are a reminder of keeping the truly important things close to my heart.  Because during that sad phase, I was making bank at my job!  Finances were NOT a concern for me….but I was NOT happy.  I realized then, that happiness truly DOESN’T depend on money.  Having a personal relationship with God, being healthy physically, and keeping good people in your life are what matter.

Thanks for reading everyone.  Hope you enjoyed my story 😀


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