2015-07-21 14.24.47 2015-07-21 14.28.01

^^^My feet have apparently decided that pedicures are overrated (no seriously, they need one lol)

2015-07-21 14.27.09 Sometimes coming up with post title is harder than putting the post together!  Sometimes I will have a moment where I’m on fire, so I’ll start a bunch of posts (not having any content for them yet) and just save them as blank posts BUT with TITLES!!!  Well today was not an on fire day, so I asked Daniel, “hey what comes to mind when you look at these pictures?”  And he said, “like a classy, chic hippy”

coincidentally I was actually wearing some of Bath & Body Works “Hippy Chic” fragrance.  So it was PERFECT.  But I’d like to know how all of you come up with your post titles, or does everyone struggle the same as I do?

ps the tutorial for these curls found HERE




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