Sundays are my favorite!!! Mainly because it’s the day that we’re all together, and we get to go to church, be uplifted, and then come home and relax.  Today I’m sharing some raw & real (aka, no glamorizing effort was put into these pics haha)

2015-07-18 18.01.35

2015-07-19 15.27.44

^^^Just me n’ ma ukulele, now all I need is the ocean in the background^^^

2015-07-18 10.32.27

^^^We discovered this week that she loooves raw corn.  Not just corn…RAW corn on the cob.  Which is how I like it best, too.  This girl may look like her daddy, but she’s me through and through when it comes to food!

2015-07-19 17.59.40 2015-07-19 18.04.42

***I realize it looks like we’re a family of 2 from all of these pics, but that’s because my husband Daniel HATES being in pictures 🙂  So I rarely make him pose for them.

Kylie has been taking to wearing headbands———-FINALLY!  She’s such a little princess-diva.  She’ll bring them over to me, and then start brushing her little hands along the side of her head, giggle and strut around the room. Haha, I didn’t realize one so little could have so much personality!  Even when I took out my phone to film her (usually she will instantly come over and try to grab the phone from me) she didn’t even attempt to take it.  She would look directly at me, and circle around the room, struttin’ her stuff.  It was like she knew what was going on lol.

Anyway, today I’m just sharing with you a little bit of what our daily life is like.  Sundays are the best, because we’re together, we get to go to church, come home and take naps, and then have dinner with our neighbors (who also go to church with us!)  And of course I volunteered to bring the salad.  I practically live off of salads!  I like putting fresh dill in mine, I only dress mine with lime/lemon juice, olive oil and salt.  So the dill adds a nice savory taste.

Well this little baby of mine is calling for my attention.

Have a great Sunday!



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