2015-07-14 12.47.34

***The lighting in this pic was a little weird, my hair wasn’t quite this orange lol


2015-06-11 14.49.40

You may have seen in my recent Favorites video, that I mentioned this purple shampoo by Naissant.  Well I’ve been using for awhile now, and felt that a review post was due.

So I’ve never used any other purple shampoo before, so keep that in mind.  However two Youtubers (professional hair dressers) that I follow religiously have BOTH loved this one.  And I agree.  What’s not to love?  It helps rid my hair of unwanted brassy pigments without putting it through the same amount of chemical damage as a toner would.  That being said, DON’T expect this to do the same amount of work as an actual toner, if it did, then it wouldn’t be a healthier opton for your hair, right?  But it works well to get you in between hair appointments.  Here’s how you use purple shampoo properly in case you don’t already know (because I didn’t)

  1.  Your hair needs to be cleansed-This seems weird, at least I thought it did at first, because you think, “um, it’s shampoo, so doesn’t that already take care of the ‘cleansing’ part”  Well actually, purple shampoo is not intended to wash your hair, it’s main focus is to deposit the purple pigment in order to counter the brassy pigments.  So in order to achieve best results, pre-wash your hair with a regular shampoo, so that your hair is ready to receive the purple pigment.

2 Use A Lemon—Lemon juice will change the ph balance of your hair, and help it better absorb the purple, for longer lasting results 🙂  So after washing your hair (with regualr shampoo) squeeze half a lemon (or more…I need a whole lemon for all of my hair)  and leave in for a couple minutes.  Rinse, and then apply the shampoo, leave for 2-3 min, rinse, then apply the purple conditioner (Naissant makes a purple conditioner as well!!!).  Then you are done!

The only issue I have with this shampoo is that it makes my hair feel dry…maybe that’s the case with every shampoo, I don’t know…but you only want to use it no more than once a week, so ultimately it’s not so bad 🙂

Hope this was helpful, and hope that y’all are having a great weekend so far

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