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Of course this little munchkin wanted to help me with my project today.  She lately….or I should say still, doesn’t want to leave my side (but I wouldn’t have it any other way).  She picked up the roller…despite the fact that she had a slice of watermelon in one hand that was almost as big as her head!  She was perfectly content just carrying it around, chattering in her little baby language, and taking bites of her watermelon.  It was one of those moments you never want to forget.  I’ve been trying to take more pictures of her (sorry if you’re sick of them).  I make the majority of posts with her pics private.  And later I’ll use Blog To Print in order to make a little diary/book of me, Kylie and Daniel.

————->>>Now for the CHAIR.  It was incredibly easy!!!  I got this chair for $10 at goodwill.  Didn’t have to sand or anything (I never sand…mainly because I don’t have a sander lol).  I just used primer, let that dry, and then coated it with an oil base paint.  I made it white to match our diy dining table.  I made the back rest part, teal blue to go with the theme of the dining room. (I might also make that white though…thoughts???)

^^^This was the paint I used, it worked great and I loved it.  I used the same one for my DIY TABLE.



DIY projects are seriously addicting!  Are there any pieces of furniture in your home that you want to repaint or create???

Thanks for reading!

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