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They say that by writing down your goals makes you more like to achieve them.  Well, this is me “writing” down my goal/dreams.  I don’t need fame or fortune to be happy.  All I want is—–>>>

A decent size house (I’m thinking 5 bed 3 bath is perfect) with a back and front yard, with a wrap around porch

lots of trees

My house HAS to be two stories.  But NOT with a basement…basements make me feel weird.

Chickens, goats, a dog

Vegetable garden & fruit garden

Lost of fruit trees

To be able to stay home and raise my children (check!  I’m doing that now, thanks to my hard working, wonderful husband ❤ )

For my husband to love his job (I guess I can’t really control that though…but still, it’s my dream 😛 )

To travel the world—take at least one big vaca a year

A good sized shopping budget for each month 😀  Every girl needs that.

*That’s pretty much all I want out of life…as far as material things go.

What are some of your dreams? 🙂

4 thoughts on “DREAMER

  1. My dreams are to live among the oceans and the Palm trees. To dance beneath the stars in the light of the moon. I want to go where I feel free. To the place where my dreams are a reality. I want to feel a rush of emotion; to make a lasting impact on something, anything at all.


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