2015-07-11 09.04.252015-07-10 14.21.24Lipstick: MAC ‘Pink Pearl Pop’

I have a new tutorial for y’all today, YAY!  I’m absolutely in love with the fact that bohemian is mainstream style now.  Because I’ve been a boho/hippy girl for my entire life.  Now there are so, so many cute things available.  Like those metallic tattoo jewelry things.  LOOOOOOVE them!  I haven’t used any of them yet, but I’m sure I’ll love them haha.  And braids, and leather wrist bands.  Ok, so seriously, I’ve been obsessed with leather wrist bands since I was 8, because i would see characters in movies and tv shows who wore them, and I always wanted to dress up JUST like my favorite characters—which were usually the villains—haha, that actually hasn’t changed.  I always like the villains, my theory is because they are usually always the more charismatic ones…I’m attracted to charisma.

Anyway, thanks for letting me go off on my tangent.  Enjoy the tutorial.


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