2015-07-10 18.43.03 2015-07-10 18.46.502015-07-10 18.43.53

^^^Oh ya know, just eating some sand

2015-07-10 18.54.15

Sand literally all over her face! ^_^

2015-07-10 18.38.44

^^^Kylie actually  snapped this shot while I was balancing her up on some playground equipment!

2015-07-10 18.45.00

^^^Don’t even care my nails look ghetto! 😛

2015-07-10 19.35.322015-07-10 18.54.16 2015-07-11 09.07.28

Tee: Target // Jeans: Hudson // Sandals: Gap (old)

I swear I’m the most boring person sometimes, when it comes to clothes.  My ideal outfit for everyday wear is plain shirt + plain jeans.  Don’t get me wrong I LOOOVE getting dressed up, and being fashionable,I’ll go shopping with the mission of finding something dressy and unique,  but the things that always pop out to me in the store are the basics, I get so distracted by them that before I know it, I only own basics, lol.  But seriously, there is NOTHING wrong with the simple things.  They are usually the most comfortable.  And whenever I get Kylie + outside together, chances are I’ll either get covered in sand, wet, or have food crumbs all over me, haha, but I LOVE it.  And I mean I could avoid all the little messes, but what fun is in that? We went to another Skeeters game the other night.  This time Kylie liked the merry-go-round, because we sat on the bench instead.  She doesn’t like not being able to be snuggle in my arms, so sitting on the horse…she just wasn’t feeling it, but on the bench she was oooo-ing and awww-ing.

What are all your plans for the weekend?  Happy Saturday!


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