2015-07-10 11.10.26

Sneaky baby couldn’t wait 5 minutes before getting into the grapes

2015-07-10 11.56.13

Blurry, but it’s a great shot of my rainbow salad! YUM!

2015-07-10 09.12.01 2015-07-10 09.12.03 2015-07-10 11.11.26

It’s Farmer Market season, and I couldn’t be happier.  I haven’t lived near a good Farmer’s Market since I lived in California.  But here in Texas, where everything is bigger and better, haha, we live pretty close to quite a few AND 2 Sprouts.   It’s fabulous. Kylie especially loves them, I mean this girl pretty much loves anywhere outside.  I went with her to one this morning, and she wouldn’t stop giggling, screaming (happy screams) and trying to jump out of my arms to grab anything in sight.  I love supporting the local farmers.  And obviously, the food is so much better!  It’s my dream to have my own vegetable garden one day, with some fruit trees, chickens, and goats (for goats milk!!!)  I can’t wait.  My Gi-chan (Japanese for Grandpa) had so, so, so many fruit trees, plum, apple, pear, cherry, orange…it was amazing.  We lived with him during his last few years he was alive, and I remember spending all day (literally, all day) outside, pretending I was Tom Sawyer, or Huck Finn, or Pocahontas.  I would make little grass beds in the fields, fill a basket with different fruit and just munch on it all day while taking naps under the trees, lizards and frogs by the stream near our house.  Those memories are honestly some of my favorites.  I hope I can continue to make good ones.  Sometimes I get caught up in the past, or the future, and forget to live in the NOW.

Hope y’all are having a great day.


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