2015-07-06 14.35.13 2015-07-06 14.36.39 2015-07-06 14.36.542015-07-06 14.36.48I’ve been on a major bacon kick lately!  And one day we were walking around Costco, trying all the samples.  They had this one with a piece of a chicken burger patty, guacamole & cheese.  It was an EXPLOSION of amazingness!  So we recreated them with bacon and homemade turkey burgers, and put in all on a lettuce leaf to make a wrap.  I’ve always seen the cases of guacamole at Costco but never bothered getting some…I always prefer making my own.  But this guac is amaaaaazing.  Even Daniel, who doesn’t like guac, LOVES it.  Now Kylie is the only one that hates it.  No really, she seriously does.  I’ll even put the tiniest bit on something she loves, like cheese, and she will immediately spit it out!  Haha, and makes me laugh.


Romaine lettuce leaf

Guacamole spread


Slice bacon

Sweet Baby Rays BBq sauce

It seems like some of these flavors shouldn’t work, but they totally do!

It’s our current favorite summer food at the moment.



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