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If you like hair serums, then you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!  And if you don’t like hair serum….you will still LOVE this one.  I’ve used so many different ones in my lifetime…yes, I’m so wise, not haha.  But seriously though, when you come from a family with six girls, ALL with thick, course, dry prone Asian hair, coming in contact with hydrating serums of all varieties is inevitable!  I’ve used ones from Sally’s, Wal-Mart, Target, Nordstrom, Ulta….I’ve used a lot.  And although I do still use a variety of them, my favorite is Moroccan Oil.  It’s not too heavy, but heavy enough for thick hair (they also have one especially for thinner, finer hair).  I still have quite a few other ones, like Proclaim, Tresemme etc, just because this Moroccan Oil is not exactly the cheapest.  I do get it for wholesale with my massage license, so that’s a plus.  But even so, I would still buy this in a heartbeat!  It’s that good.  My hair is especially dry and even more frizzy with the Texas humidity AND the fact that I lightened it 7 levels!  So I will drench (not quite drench…but use a lot haha) with this stuff when it’s wet or dry, but especially dry, and it smooths everything out so nicely.  Not to mention is smells amaaaazing, like all of Moroccan Oil products.  It’s definitely worth the investment.  But I’d keep a few others around too, just some less expensive ones that you like, so that you don’t burn through it too fast.  Here are some of my other favorites that I keep handy.

images (1) macadamia-natural-oil-healing-oil-treatment tbp6403033_v0_l


Happy 4th everyone!



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