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Seriously I can’t beilieve it’s already JULY 4!!! Honestly, one of my all time favorite holidays.  I grew up near Grass Valley, California.  And every year, in Old Town Grass Valley & also Down Town Auburn, there would be a car show, a parade, tons of booths with (affordable for children) crafts, jewelry DELICIOUS food, and of course FIREWORKS!  My siblings and I would spend the entire  day walking around, eating cotton candy, and turkey legs.  And when night came, we would get to necklace like glow sticks…ya know what I’m talking about???  Anyway, then we moved to Utah, and NONE absolutely NONE of the places we lived had anything that could compare with Grass Valley, not even come close!  But now, we’re living in TEXAS where everything is “BIGGER” and tomorrow we’ll be Downtown, and I’m hoping that it will be awesome!  And in the morning, we might participate in a local, neighborhood parade…not exactly sure yet, we’re kinda spontaneous people if you haven’t noticed, haha, but I LOVE it.  I was talking with my friend the other day, and we agreed that spontaneity makes for the most fun!

Hope the rest of you have a fun plans for tomorrow, and BEEEE SAFE!

lots of love! ❤ ❤ ❤


ps.  About #3 in the pictures, all I’m doing is taking a chunk of hair from the hair that is NOT in the pony and incorporating it withe the pieces that I twisted back,  just to add some thickness and length to my fishtail 😉

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