I completely forgot that  I started this post!  It was supposed to be for Father’s Day haha.  But here goes anyway, because who says you need a holiday to get your man a gift?  I mean, we expect them to be on the ball all year round right? ^_^

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American Eagle & Express basic tees If your guy is anything like mine, then shopping is theeee last thing he wants to do.  So I’m the one that shops for him…which I actually enjoy, so it’s a win-win.  These are great because basic tees go with everything, and these have a great fit to them.  They’re also well priced (and go on sale all time!)



Monte Blanc ‘Legend’ Cologne  This stuff is just DELICIOUS! Ha ha.  If you like the Abercrombie cologne for men, you will love this.  I swear this smells exactly like the Abercrombie one, but with a more sophisticated version 🙂


PFB: So this stuff isn’t only amazing for waxing, but shaving as well.  My husband loves that this stuff prevents ingrown hairs & itchiness when he shaves his face.  And of course, I use it too whenever I wax. So double thumbs up!!!



CONTIGO WATER BOTTLE:  Men are simple.  And love practical things, and commonly don’t know what would make their life easier until they have it, because they typically  HATE shopping for the practical things.  So my man, being a very simple guy, appreciates when I find those things he never knew he wanted/needed for him 😀  He takes this water bottle EVERYWHERE with him.  It’s his favorite because it holds more than the average water bottle (32 oz) without being too bulky, and it has a flip out mouth piece (so it doesn’t get dirty easily).

Hope you enjoyed this!



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