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Shorts (old) similar || Top Express || Sandals (old) similar || Sunnies BP ||  Lipstick MAC ‘Pink Pearl Pop’

During the summer, my days are filled with walks, parks and swimming pools.  It’s super HOT & HUMID here though, so if I had it my way, I would ONLY be outside if I were next to a pool or lake or sort of water that I can emmerse myself into.  Buuuut Kylie doesn’t always let that be the case.  She loves being outside constantly.  So I have to make sure that my wardrobe consists of items that I won’t overheat and die in.  Pretty much that either consists of skirts or shorts and a tee w/sandals.  I loved distressed boyfriend shorts, because they have such a relaxed fit to them, so I don’t feel all constricted and sweaty in them, if ya know what I mean 😉 I bought these last summer and have worn them almost every day this year.

Hope the start of your week has been food so far!

Thanks for reading ❤ ❤ ❤

Bitterness and hatred are harmful.  They produce much that is destructive

-Richard G. Scott

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