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Back drob: old sheet || Banner: Burlap flags (Wal-Mart) white letters diy cut outs || Lipstick MAC ‘Pink Pearl Pop’

So…..maybe a went a little picture happy, ha ha.  But seriously, baby have a million & one different facial expressions (that probably only their parents notice) that pretty soon before I knew it, I have 100,000,000,000 photos!

Kylie’s birthday was a success.  And to say she likes cake is an understatement!  It was her first time trying cake ever!  And she didn’t hold back, hence the whole face in the cake bit.  She honestly ate it more with her face than her hands. I couldn’t have been happier.  She didn’t want to keep her headband on, but as soon as we put the cake in front of her, she forgot all about it, and she kept it on for all of the pictures.  We didn’t throw a party for her, instead we thought it would be more fun for her if we just did things that she would like to do.  We got a bunch of balloons, because she absolutely loves them, and put out a bunch of newspapers (because she loves to run around on them).  Seriously why can’t kids be this easy to entertain forever?

Then my sweet friends stopped by with some more gifts & another little cake (which obviously looked a lot better than he one I made).  We let her dig into that one too (she got 2 cakes, lucky girl!).

ps, Man I wish my little sis could have been here to take all the pictures…but we made due with what we had.

Thanks for reading everyone!


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