2015-05-16 14.45.55

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2015-05-16 15.40.55

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***NOT my most flattering photos, but Kylie looked good in them, so that’s why they’re posted ha!

OMG, I’ve found my new favortie place!  A couple weeks ago, Daniel had to go Downtown, so I decided to go with him and take the opportunity to explore w/Kylie.  We found this fun park called Discovery Green.  The coolest environment ever!  They have a little pond where you can kayak, a splash pad, a water fall feature to play in, a playground, restaurants, tons of popsicle and snack stands, lots of trees for shade, and almost every day they have some sort of activity or event (they were going to have a flea market, but it didn’t start until after we had to leave ;( ).

So Kylie and I found a nice shady patch of grass and I let her crawl around.  There aren’t a lot of nice grassy areas near our house, so this was really her first time moving around freely on grass.  And of course, like all babies, she immediately found sticks and leaves to put into her mouth.  I even let her crawl around in the water feature, which she loves, but I couldn’t let her get too wet because I didn’t have a swimmer diaper, so we’ll definitely be going back again.

It was just so relaxing and enjoyable.  I even let her try a cookie I bought from one of the venders.  The cart I  bought the cookies from is called Couch to Kitchen, and it’s a business owned by a 9 year old boy (maybe he was 11, I can’t remember exactly).  And it’s pretty legitimate.  Apparently they’ve been on PBS and interviewed by the local news station.  I think it’s amazing that we live in a country where a kid can have his own business, and a successful one at that 🙂


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