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Like me, Kylie gets difficult to handle when she’s been cooped up all day.  But sometimes our energy swings clash, and I just don’t have the mental or physical energy to go swimming, or running at the park, or braving the muggy sunny heat, period!  So, instead, we go play at Barnes & Noble, he he.  It’s great, because I get to be in a nice smelling book store, comfy chairs, and Kylie is entertained by all the shelves of stuffed animals (which she completely destroys) and cuddling up while I read her some books.  Honestly, book stores are like indoor playgrounds (if your baby can’t run yet….)

This little girl turns 1 this week!  I’m not planning anything big….she won’t remember anyway, and I don’t really need the party haha.  I’m going to make her a cake, and do a fun photo shoot or something, and we might take her to the store to get a new toy…still tba.  Not only is it crazy to think that she’s 1 year already, but it’s crazy to think that 1 year of my life has already gone by yet again.

Well I hope y’all are gearing up for the weekend and having a fun time.  Thanks for reading.

Xo ❤

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