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SWIM:  Coral BBQ

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Multi Colored || White & Black || Red || Black || Blue (old) similar

I just want to live in my swim  suits during the summer.  Everything about summer brings back so many great memories.  Particulary when I was younger, and my family lived in California.  We would put a sprinkler (one of those ones that just sprays directly up and out) under the trampoline.  We once filled up the back of my dad’s pick-up with water, and swam in it like a pool.  And we had a rope swing, so we’d swing off the trampoline into the back of the truck!  Sometimes we’d go to the City Pool and stay there from open to close, or we’d hang out with my cousins (who had a pool) and have bbq and eat watermelon all day long…..ahhh good times 😀

Hope the rest of y’all are having a wonderful summer!

Thanks for reading

❤ ❤ ❤


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