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We had a nice relaxing Saturday morning.  Kylie is like a living, breathing alarm clock…we sleep in past 7:30, so since we were up, and it felt absolutely glorious outside, we went to the Houston Temple and read our books while Kylie explored the fountain area (her absolute favorite part of the Temple grounds), with her new favorite buddy.  This raggedy old teddy bear that I made for myself when I was 10 or 11 (can’t quite remember).  It’s soooo old.  It’s missing an ear, the stitching is coming undone is so many places.  I made it out of an old towel, and hand stitched it 100% because we didn’t have a sewing machine!  But she loves it ❤   And then we came home, and I made breakfast smoothies for us.

So for the last few weeks there has been a hornet army right outside our front door, that I swear grows daily.  They are the biggest hornets I have ever seen!  Daniel and I have literally been sprinting from the door to the car EVERY time we leave the house.  It’s nearly given me a heart attack more than once when they get so close to me and Kylie and nearly land on her!!!  Yesterday, the pest control guy finally came! (HURRRAAAY)  He was spraying everywhere with a giant hose, there were so many, I couldn’t believe we waited as long as we did to call.  Then I had him come onto our balcony, because there was a visible nest by our patio light, AND in the door jam!  AND finally we showed him the hole in the wall by our front door…which we actually weren’t positive it was a nest, but Daniel said he would see them go in and out occasionally.  The guy sprayed some stuff in the hole, and it was like something you see in a sci-fi/horror movie.  Hornets starting piling out, one after the other.  EWWW it was so GROSS!

But now, we are hornet free.  We no longer have to duck and cover to the car.  And I can relax out back in the hammock with Kylie girl in peace 😀

Hope the rest of you are having a nice Summer Saturday 😀



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