apricot fresh

I’m all for quick n’ easy AND healthy snacks for summer.  And preferably foods that don’t feel so rich and heavy.  Because that, and summer heat is just BLUG!  Here are some of my favorites.

1) PEACHES—I’m obsessed with peaches.  I eat 3-4 a day (not even kidding).  They’re great to just grab n’ go.  I like getting mine from Costco, they have a great deal on them, and they always taste so good.

2) CELERY & ALMOND BUTTER—What doesn’t taste better with almond butter?  Ok maybe a lot of things.  But ab has protein and celery is like no calorie count 🙂  Also, it’s even healthier if you go somewhere like Sprouts or Whole Foods (any health food store really) and make your own.  Just ask them if they have a machine to make your own whatever butter.

3) Greek Yogurt & Granola—Need I say more???  I love Greek yogurt, and I’m actually going to start making my own.  Apparently it’s very easy.  I already make my own granola (I’ll post that recipe soon).

4) Grapes—–They just fill you up so fast, and so easy to eat…I can finish a whole back in one sitting, seriously!

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