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~~~I’ve mentioned before that I have a slight lipstick obsession, which is kinda funny, because since I don’t really go “out” anymore aka to parties trying to find a boyfriend haha.  Since I’ve got that one covered, there aren’t many lipstick occasions, so I find myself wearing them around the house, then wiping it off completely so Daniel can kiss me, then reapplying it again.  Kinda pathetic I know, but seriously lipstick makes me so happy.  I built up a ridiculously large stash over the last few years,  but I got rid of a bunch, when I was going through my “Simplify Life” project 🙂 WOOHOO.   So now, the ones that I do have are ones that I ACTUALLY wear ALL the time, and I love them, hence why I want to share them with everyone!  Most of them are MAC because….well, I love MAC, need I say more? Ha ha, but I’ve included some dupes for those.  And I do actually have some current drugstore favs, so ENJOY!

MAC Coral Bliss (wearing in photos)—-The absolute best coral lip color.  I have a hard time finding a coral shade that doesn’t look gross on me.

Covergirl Caramel Kiss (Great dupe for Coral bliss)—-Also a great coral shade, but a little more matte.  I just discovered this line by Covergirl the other day, and needless to say, I’m hooked.  They’re super pigmented, matte, and moisturizing (or at least they feel like it).  Definitely worth trying out.

MAC Honey Love—-The perfect ‘natural’ shade.  It’s weird, but my lips aren’t naturally pink like most.  Honey love matches my lips peeeerfectly, and it just makes my lips look more pigmented, but not like I have anything on, if that makes sense.

MAC Fanfare——–This one does add a little color, but keeps it very natural looking.  This one is just a shade or two darker than most natural lip colors.  So I like to throw this on when I’m just running to the grocery store or whatever.

Stila ‘Lover’———This lipstick goes on so unbelievalbe smooth.  I’ve had this since my wedding, it’s my all time favorite red shade, for a summer night out ❤

MAC ‘Milan Mode’—–Best berry shade.  It’s my go-to POP OF COLOR lipstick.  I love it when I had dark, dark hair too.  So it looks great on blondes or brunettes in my opinion 😀

Hope this gave you some summer shade ideas!  Xo and thanks for reading!



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