HAIR TUTORIAL: Twist On A Regular Braid

I love taking simple hairstyles and tweaking them just enough to get a slightly different look.  And if you follow me on Insta then you know side braids are my definite “go-to” style.

2015-05-26 11.34.50 2015-05-26 11.36.24

Lipstick MAC ‘Angel’

And for those of you who have been asking how I got my hair from (practically black) dark brown to blonde….I actually did it myself at home with the help of a couple of my friends.  The key was Olaplex.  FIND a hairdresser that uses this stuff.  It’s revolutionary!  Even if you’re not trying to go drastically lighter, Olaplex keeps your hair so, so, so much healthier when using any sort of chemicals on it.  If you want more details on the transformation you can find it HERE! (I’ve lightened it once more since then)

PS.  If you’d like to see more quick and simple (but cute of course 😉 ) hairstyles, follow me on Instagram @joiful_life.  I’ve been posting short clips of hairstyles as well.

Thanks for stopping by y’all stay beautiful!


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