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We all want decent photos for Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, blogs, everything basically.  But how many of us honestly have a photographer (quality camera in hand) on stand by for that exact moment we want a photo snapped?  Well, I certainly don’t.  But I love blogging and posting photos on a regular basis—-ok try like EVERY day haha.  So I’ve had to improvise, and get creative, because usually it’s just me and my baby girl all day while Daniel is working.  And my photographer sister lives thousands of miles away.  So I’ll share some of what I’ve learned and have found works great for taking those selfie/non selfie pics.

 *ps all the photos in this post were taken by me with my cell phone.

USE A TIMER—->>>All cell phones have some form of a timer on the camera.  You just have to find it.  On the Iphone 5 (which is what I have) there’s a little clock at the top of the screen.  When using the timer, it’s best to have a case with a flat edge.  If your phone case has a rounded edge, then it won’t stand by itself on the the side.  Or just take the case off (be careful with your phone) because the phone naturally has a flat edged surface.  Also the volume buttons on the side of the phone can also be used to start the pic timer.

TRIPOD FOR YOUR PHONE—->>>Tripods are really easy to come by and super affordable.  I like them because sometimes they add just enough height to get the angle I want for my pic.  It’s also easier to find places for the phone to sit in order to take your picture. And there are a bunch of varieties.  You can get a high tech one for like $12 or a small hand held one for around $3

You can find tripods HERE

KNOW YOUR ANGLES—->>>Like any other picture.  You need to know your angles aka what you think looks most flattering for you, and take into consideration what you’re trying to achieve.  Example:  When taking Instagram pics to show a hairstyle, it’s best to zoom in to better see the hair,  but I don’t like the way most close ups of my face turn out.  So I turn my head to the side, or I take them from behind (usually).

2015-04-21 09.38.572015-05-16 12.42.11

ADAPT—->>>Now remember that when you’re taking your own pictures with timer, you won’t always get that perfect picture you were hoping for. Sometimes you may need to adjust your pose in order to get a good picture.  Because there may not always be an object tall enough or short enough close by to put your camera on, you need to adapt.  In this picture, I put the camera on the stroller, and it wasn’t tall enough for me to get the camera closer, without it cutting off my whole top half.  I originally wanted a close up of me and Kylie, but I had to adjust and adapt.  So I did a full body shot instead.

2015-05-26 15.14.28

LIGHTING—–>>>Lighting is super important.  And once again, you may have to adapt and change plans.  Pictures outside I think always turn out great.  But when you’re forced to be inside it can get difficult.  You may have to explore your house a bit to find what areas have the best lighting you like and at what times of day.  I always prefer areas with white walls, or white furniture because they reflect the light so much better (in my opinion).  For me, the room that offers that best is my bedroom, haha, so I end up taking a lot of pictures in there.

2015-03-21 17.24.52

I hope some of these tips helped 🙂  And remember it will take some practice and experimentation.  Good luck!


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