1) COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS—>>>This may sound super lame and cliche, but there is evidence that proves if you make a list of all the good in your life, it has a chemical effect on your mind.  Your brain can only entertain one thought at a time, and since your brain controls all other emotion, if your thoughts are positive and full of gratitude, your mind will feed those same emotions to the rest of your body.  If you’re finding it hard to be grateful, try this;  Imagine if you woke up the next day ONLY with the things you said thank you for…..interesting….

2) HATERS GONNA HATE—>>>There are people that just can’t stand the thought of others being successful, and they will try to bring you down.  I’ve had “haters” in my life that’s for sure.  People will assume they know enough about you to assume this or that.  Just remember “haters gonna hate”  and there’s nothing you can do.  Remove those sorts of people from your life as much as possible.  It may be difficult, and they may get offended, but your emotional and mental well being are more important than their feelings (so long as you don’t go out of your way to harm them…if they choose to get offended then that’s a different story and there’s not much you can do about that).  But negative people will just become a virus and tear you apart if you let them stay.  Remember it’s ok to take care of yourself 🙂

3) DON’T BE A HATER—>>>This rule goes both ways.  So many (the majority I’d say) of us have the tendency to think “if you succeed, it means I’m a failure”  Learn to be happy for other’s successes.  It will make you feel like the bigger person, and you will avoid filling empty spaces in you heart with hate and envy.

4) GET OUTSIDE—>>>There truly is something healing about being out in nature.  From a scientific standpoint, the sun provides vitamin D, which boosts your mood.  Even if you take a short walk outside, you’re still creating endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy, many know this, but many don’t know that endorphins are also natural pain killers 🙂

5) DO A GOOD DEED—>>>Service is a wonderful way to make yourself feel more whole and uplifted.  It doesn’t even have to be something big.  Service can be anything that you do with the intent of benefiting someone else.  That could be a smile 🙂  Saying hello to a stranger.  A phone call to a friend or family member.  Bringing cookies to someone.  Making a family member’s bed.  Paying a genuine compliment.  There are many, many ways.  And you’ll find that once you start, they’ll keep coming 😀

Hope this helps you to have a bright and happy day!



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