2015-05-22 19.06.55

2015-05-22 16.03.13

2015-05-22 17.48.05


2015-05-22 19.12.18

^^^Chocolate river!!!

2015-05-22 19.00.33


2015-05-22 19.14.14

2015-05-22 19.15.15

2015-05-22 19.16.31

2015-05-22 19.17.59

2015-05-22 19.21.01

2015-05-22 19.26.28

So I guess this wasn’t so much a run as it was a hike/walk/stopping every five seconds to take pictures and let Kylie crawl around and explore, I tried though right? ๐Ÿ˜›

We seriously live in one of the most beautiful places. ย You would never think that there would be so many secluded, nature like areas in one of the biggest cities in the USA. ย I’ve started to fill my days more with exploring and activities for Kylie’s sake. ย If she doesn’t get outside, she starts getting really cranky…I’m pretty sure she gets that from me ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Also, I like to exhaust myself, so that by the time Daniel gets home, I’m also completely fine with vegging out and watching movies. ย I’ve been aching to go swimming, but it’s been raining off and on so much that the water doesn’t get a chance to warm up. ย And I miss seeing Kylie totally exhausted and out of it after getting out of the pool, it’s the cutest thing! ย The extra long naps she takes afterwards aren’t bad either.

Thanks for reading you guys. ย Seriously I get so happy and excited to read your comments and emails. ย It makes everything so much more real. ย It’s like “Oh yeah! ย There are real people reading my blog. ย I wish I could meet all of them!”


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