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This last week we visited so many fun places in Houston.  We took Kylie to her first splash pad, and she loved it.  At first she was super tentative, but then one of the smaller fountains came on and she got so excited, and stood up and started splashing the water.  I’ve never seen her try so hard to walk towards something before, she wanted to get closer and took like 2 steps by herself.  Funny how when it’s your own baby you get so ridiculously excited about their smallest achievements, but when it’s someone else’s you’re like “oh, how neat……..” Ha ha.

Kylie also made friends with a dog in the park (she LOVES dogs-and thank goodness that her allergy to them wore off.  My brother and I both had allergies to cats and dogs when we were babies, but it we built up an immunity to them by about 5 months, fortunately, because I LOVE dogs too).  And it’s owners were some of the most chill, friendly people.  They just let Kylie sit and play with their dog (Buddy) for like 30 minutes.  We keep going back and forth between getting her a dog or not…but we’ll probably wait until we have a yard, because if I’m getting a dog, it’s gotta be a big dog 🙂

Seriously, getting outside and exploring does wonders for my mood, it always has, but it keeps Kylie happy as well (and Daniel for that matter haha).  If you’re feeling blah, get outside!  Even if you’re not in the mood, do it anyway, and you’ll feel better 🙂

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