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I LOVE this one of my dad & Kylie ^_^2015-05-24 15.43.47

Today I’m teaming up with Chobani (yes I’m talking about the delicious yogurt people!).  They’re hosting a project called Break You Make, in honor of their Chobani Flips  It’s a project that anyone can get involved in (just use the hashtag #breakyoumake on social media) and talk about the person in their life that they think deserves a “break”

I got really exited about this, because I instantly knew who I wanted to nominate.  MY DAD!  Now before you start thinking I’m super cliche, let me tell you real quick why…..

My dad is the biggest character you will ever meet.  He’s incredibly theatrical, so happy (ALL THE TIME), super energetic, and healthy and fit which is ironic that Chobani is hosting this project, because Greek yogurt is my go-to protein snack lol.  My dad is the reason behind my passion for juicing, clean eating, herbs/natural remedies and other cleansing diets.  And he always puts his family first above all else.  You would think he had the most happy go lucky life.

BUT  life was never easy for him (and my mom) and still isn’t.  All my life they struggled to make ends meet.  But I never knew, because they were always so positive.  My dad was never prideful when it came to providing for his wife and 8 children.  He had an array of different jobs, from window cleaning, to working in a grocery store, he always worked so hard, so that my mom wouldn’t have to, so that she could be home with me and my siblings (that alone made a huge impact on my life).  Often times people have an attitude of embarrassment or pride towards what jobs they are willing to do.  But not my dad.  He never once complained or acted ashamed…I mean I know that he would rather be doing something else, but he was grateful for what he had, and wouldn’t complain.  🙂  Then there came a period of time when my nephew wasn’t able to be cared for by his mom.  So with my parents now in their 50s and 60s, they took on raising a toddler for a year and a half! (At the time they thought they would have to care for him the rest of his life). Not only that, but even though they don’t have a lot, my parents are constantly inviting others who are lonely, widowed, or more needy than they are into their home for dinner and holidays.

My dad now drives tour buses (which he loves) but he’s getting older and it wears on his body.  He now has an injured back for the second time that makes it difficult for him to work, usually he just pushes through the pain but this month he’s been flat on his back 😦 He has no hope of retirement in sight, but he keeps going, and stays happy and positive.  He most certainly deserves a break more that anyone else I know.  But even if he’s never fully appreciated by “The World” for all he’s done, he’s made a difference in my life in so, so many ways.  And that’s priceless!

Thanks for reading you guys.  Have a wonderful week.



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