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Shirts All from Target // Jeans Rag & Bone

We fulfilled one of Daniel’s dreams by going to an Astros game as a family, decked out in Astros gear 🙂  The best part is, since he knows so many of the workers and security guards, we got to sit on the first level (even though we payed for ones higher up) in the seats right by the home plate!!!  It was so much fun, and Kylie loved it.  She did pass out half way through, but that made it so she was happy for the entire night.  The energy at a baseball stadium is indescribable.  Neither of us even follow baseball, (I meant I played softball in middle school, but that doesn’t really mean anything) but we’re automatically fans of the game when it’s live!  And besides, it is kinda hard not to be gung-ho about the local teams when you live in Texas.  “Texas Pride” is a real thing haha, people aren’t joking when they say that, and it’s contagious, but we love it!

And OH MY WORD the FOOD!  We had theee most delicious nachos I have ever tasted, EVER!  And they came in a plastic batting helmet.  Poor Daniel just wanted to eat them!  And I wanted to get a picture first hehe.

My friend Jessica and her family came with us too, and her sweet husband got everyone ice cream, that also came in mini batting helmet.  It was such a fun night, and a much needed family outing.

Have a great weekend y’all!


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